Re: [SVGMobile12] 2.1.5: SVG not appropriate for multi-namespace use

Hello www-svg,

> says that SVG is intended to be used in multi-namespace environments.

Yes, that is correct. For example, it requires conformance to Namespaces
in XML for all conformant content, uses the NS versions of DOM APIs, and
so on.

> Until the comments in [1] regarding SVG's introduction of unitless
> length values are addressed,

We agree that this should be addressed, in Full. Note that SVG Tiny 1.2
does not have the font shorthand property, so the ambiguity in the way
'font' was specified does not affect Tiny 1.2.

> I request that the statement that SVG is appropriate for use in
> multi-namespace environments in combination with languages such as XHTML
> be removed or that the comments in [1] regarding unitless lengths be
> addressed adequately.

We cannot accept to remove all wording on multi namespace use, since SVG
demonstrably can be and is used in a multi namespace environment. In
SVGT 1.1 the SVG, XLink,and XML namespaces are used; SVGT 1.2 adds the
XML Events namespace. SVG has clear processing rues regarding content in
other namespaces, such as in the Metadata element.

We do accept that the font shorthand has ambiguities if unitless lengths
are used, but since that does not affect Tiny we do not see the
relevance here; your comment has been carried forward to SVG Full 1.2
where it is applicable.

Please let us know if the responses to your above statements do not
resolve your comment on SVG Tiny 1.2.

> this is not possible to do while conforming both to SVG and to CSS1,
> which was a W3C recommendation well before SVG.

We agree that it is not possible to conform to both SVG and CSS1. For
example, given the following CSS1 definitions:

    HTML attribute
    HTML document 
    HTML element

and due to the lack of namespace aware selectors, CSS1 is clearly aimed
solely at HTML and is unsuitable for multinamespace use.

However, since no SVG specification has claimed conformance with CSS1,
we do not consider that to be a problem.

 Chris Lilley          
 Chair, W3C SVG Working Group
 W3C Graphics Activity Lead
 Co-Chair, W3C Hypertext CG

Received on Tuesday, 8 November 2005 15:08:42 UTC