Re: SVG12: nav-* properties

On 23/05/2005, at 7:14 AM, Bjoern Hoehrmann wrote:

> * Ola Andersson wrote:
>>>  In 
>>> svgudom.html the
>>> definition of the moveFocus operations refers to nav-*  
>>> properties, no
>>> such properties are defined in the draft, please change the draft  
>>> such
>>> that it refers to something it actually defines.
>> nav-* properties have been replaced by focus*.
> This does not satisfy me. I think rather than inventing new mechanisms
> the SVG Working Group should coordinate with the CSS WG to satisfy the
> dependencies noted in and if  
> that
> fails, note that in the Last Call Announcement as required by the
> Process document.

We replaced nav-* with focus* after feedback from the WAI

Personally, I'm ok with either solution. However, we need
8-way navigation, not 4-way as CSS3-UI provides. Assuming that
CSS WG would accept an enhancement to this feature then I
think nav-* is acceptable. What do you think?

You don't really need to answer the following questions. In
fact I'd prefer it if you didn't :) I'm much more interested
in your feedback on the proposal.

> Could you please point me to the SVG WG comment on css3-ui on why the
> reference had to be removed from SVG 1.2?

Sorry, I don't understand. You think that in order to remove a
reference to a specification we were not using we have to
send a comment on that specification?

> Are there positive review
> comments from the CDF Working Group that they support conflicting
> navigation order mechanisms in e.g. a XHTML+SVG document type?

Do you mean positive review comments on SVG Tiny, or just
positive comments in general?

> Does
> SVG 1.2 "Full" still use the nav-* properties?


> If so, how are conflicts
> resolved between the two mechanisms?

No conflicts.


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