Re: SVG12: <color> elements

* Dean Jackson wrote:
>> BH> the
>> BH> <color> definition states "<color> applies to SVG's use of the 'color'
>> BH> property and is a component of the definitions of properties 'fill',
>> BH> 'stroke' 'stop-color' and 'solid-color'." This list is incomplete, e.g.
>> BH> the viewport-fill property uses the <color> type aswell. Please change
>> BH> the draft to list either all relevant items or none.
>> Good idea, I believe that this should be an exhaustive list.

I assume you mean you've made it an exhaustive list. This does not
satisfy me, in my review I found an impressive amout of such problems
so it's obviously very difficult for the SVG Working Group to keep
track of the redundancy. It's also highly problematic if SVG 1.2
"Full" is defined in terms of changes to SVG Tiny 1.2, it will cause
a lot of confusion. I think such redundancy should be avoided.
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