Re: SVG12: formal vs prose

* Robin Berjon wrote:
>> If the prose considers a specific document compliant while the
>> schema does not, that is a conflict between prose and schema.
>Precisely. requires that the metadata
child elements of e.g. the font element must precede the glyph children
of the same element. The prose considers that generally recommended and
the DTD states this is an absolute requirement. Clearly,

  <svg ...><font ...><glyph .../><metadata .../></font></svg>

does not violate an absolute requirement of the prose if you ignore the
DTD, so it would be considered compliant. Now, does the prose contain
all information included in the schema? I do not think it does. And you
say that

  If the schema contains information that is not in
  the prose, they couldn't possibly be in conflict.

So you are saying that in the case above prose and schema could not be
in conflict and yet you agree that prose and schema are in conflict. No
sense it makes to me, sorry I am. So still failing to see how the text
under discussion is not redundant with D.3.1 (if appropriate at all), I
stand by my objection.
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