Re: Markers and all

On 6/22/05, Andreas Neumann <> wrote:
> as to problem 1:
> I would suggest that the user can decide whether he wants to inherit the
> marker color (usually the fill of the marker) from the stroke-color or
> not. I see use-cases for both, where the marker should inherit from the
> stroke-color and where the marker color should stay fixed, independent
> from the stroke-color. Both ways should be possible.

With my proposal (see my other message) this would be easy to control
just by clearing the style of its own on the marker definition or some
objects within it.

> If one needs a marker in the middle of a path one can still use the
> textPath element as an alternative.

Much easier is to just add a node there. It's always possible to add
nodes without distorting the path.

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