Re: SVG12: 'display' trait

At 04:37 PM 6/9/2005, Ian Hickson wrote:
>On Thu, 9 Jun 2005, Jon Ferraiolo wrote:
> >
> > The SVG WG coordinated with the DOM WG long ago about attribute value
> > normalization which might result in getAttributeNS() returning a
> > different string than was set via setAttributeNS(). It was decided that
> > SVG implementers needed to have the normalization option in order to
> > achieve performant implementations. For example, it is common to
> > implement the <path> element by reducing the 'd' attribute to numeric
> > data structures and toss out the original attribute string value.
>Hm, that's unfortunate. It means a non-SVG processor and an SVG processor
>will have different behaviour for core DOM calls.

I don't think that a particular UA that supports XHTML and SVG at the same 
time is forced to throw out the original string values. It's OK to preserve 
the original string if that's what the UA wants to do. It is just that a 
content developer needs to be aware that some SVG UAs (and other 
specialized grammars) might not preserve the original string values for 


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