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SVG12: IRI Processing rules and xlink:href

From: Andrew Sledd <Andrew.Sledd@ikivo.com>
Date: Tue, 7 Jun 2005 13:40:37 +0200
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The processing of references (section 14.1) seems clear in its
presentation but is a bit convoluted in practice, especially when
combined with error processing. It appears to me that the SVG spec only
sets restrictions on the resultant reference. The SVG spec defers
completely to the IRI/URI reference for requirements on reference
I have a question about interpretation and reference resolution, in
particular about the reference xlink:href="". What does the reference
resolve to? Is it valid for image in the SVG Tiny Profile? Is it valid
for use and animation in the SVG Tiny Profile?
I interpret the specs (SVG 1.2/IRI/URI) to say as follows:
1) xlink:href="" resolves to a reference to the document itself (if no
other xml:base attribute is explicitly given in the ancestors to the
referencing element).
2) In terms of IRI processing (Section 14.1.1) this is both a local
reference and for the scope of <image> and <use> is an indirect circular
>From this I conclude that xlink:href="" to be invalid and put the
document in error
a) for <use> and <animation>; except in the case where its resolved
xml:base breaks this inherent circular reference
b) for <image>; except in the case where its resolved xml:base is a
non-local reference
Is this reasoning correct?
Andy Sledd

Andrew Sledd 
Ikivo AB 
Received on Tuesday, 7 June 2005 13:00:48 UTC

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