Re: [SVGMobile12] Comments: Introduction


I fixed your comment on the extraneous 'then' in the definition of 
"viewport coordinate system". I removed the offending word.

Regarding your comment on the current SVG document fragment. The reason 
that some definitions extend to cases not covered in the Tiny profile is 
that this will save needlessly repeating information in SVG Full 1.2. 
Where possible the editors have tried to make definitions and generic 
concepts broad enough to cover both profiles.

For this case I propose to clarify the SVG 1.2 Tiny specification by 
modifying the definition of SVG document fragment and current SVG 
document fragment:

current SVG document fragment
    The XML document sub-tree which starts with the ancestor 'svg'
    element of a given SVG element, with the requirement that all
    container elements between the 'svg'
    and this element are all elements in the SVG language and namespace.

SVG document fragment

    The XML document sub-tree which starts with an 'svg'
    element. An SVG document fragment can consist of a stand-alone SVG
    document, or a fragment of a parent XML document enclosed by an
    element. In SVG Tiny 1.2 the SVG document fragment cannot contain
    nested 'svg'

If you and the working group are happy with this I'll make the changes.


Boris Zbarsky wrote:

> Antoine Quint wrote:
>> What I meant to say is that the <svg> element is only allowed as the  
>> root-most element of an SVG fragment. Section 5.1.1 [0]
> OK, but then my question about section 1.6 stands -- why give a 
> definition that has various clauses to handle cases that the spec 
> defines as never happening? There are also other references to the 
> "outermost <svg> element", which all make it sounds like non-outermost 
> ones are allowed...
> -Boris

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