Re: [SVG12] Event categories

I agree that the SVG 1.2 spec should include event categories for all 
events. Thanks for catching this.

Looking at the SVG-t 1.2 list of events 
( and the SVG-t 
1.2 DOM, I see that all events except "zoom" have an event category, but 
the table in the interactivity chapter doesn't show it. Thus:

beginEvent, endEvent, repeatEvent - event category: TimeEvent
connectionData - event category: ConnectionEvent
preload, loadprogress, postload - event category: ProgressEvent

But with zoom, there is no event category. I think the best thing for 
"zoom" is to define a new event category, "SVGEvent" (parallel with 
"HTMLEvent"). If this suggestion is accepted, then there would need to be a 
new "SVGEvent" section listed in the SVG DOM appendix.


At 11:43 PM 7/19/2005, Cameron McCormack wrote:

>Should the list of events[1] give event categories for the SVG 1.2
>events ("shapechange", "filesSelected", ...) and the sXBL events
>("prebind", "bound" and "unbinding") so that it is possible to create
>event objects of these types with DocumentEvent.createEvent?  Or is this
>done deliberately to prevent creation of these types of event objects?
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