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[SVG12] comment

From: andrew matseevsky <matseevsky@rambler.ru>
Date: Wed, 06 Jul 2005 14:30:32 +0400
To: www-svg@w3.org
Message-ID: <web-256991142@mail2.rambler.ru>
Dear Sirs, I think, that SVG specification should be expanded a 
little. Now it doesn't seriously supports gradient filling (I know 
about linear gradients). Look at two examples, where and how gradient 
filling could be used (I'm not sure, that attachments won't be 
deleted). Skoda.png shows, how one can paint something using gradient 
fills. BorisRVR2.jpg shows, what result could be achieved in 
vectorization (I made raster-to-vector-to-raster conversation). 
Corresponding SVG would have the size approximatedly 350K. When you 
seriously want to convert some photorealistic image from raster to 
vector format, some variant of gradient filling is a must. Result is 
enough impressive and I have no need to comment it. I think, some 
additional info could be inserted into SVG specification in such way:
Old variant with constantly colored area
<path d="M790 380 l0 41 c-5.742 192.3 -179.9 359.3 -372 362 l-21 0 
c-197.6 4.443 -380.8 -168.5 -384 -367 l0 -29 c2.254 -194.1 174.1 
-361.7 365 -370 " fill="#255" stroke= "red" stroke-width="5" />
New variant with gradient filling
<path d="M790 380 l0 41 c-5.742 192.3 -179.9 359.3 -372 362 l-21 0 
c-197.6 4.443 -380.8 -168.5 -384 -367 l0 -29 c2.254 -194.1 174.1 
-361.7 365 -370 " filling="v112 343 #ffccaa v343 298 #ff00dd" stroke= 
"red" stroke-width="5" />
Here number of vertices is unlimited, large area usually requires more 
than the small one. Each vertex contents two coordinates, relative or 
absolute, and RGB color. Viewer interpolates this info to the whole 
area, bounded with path. There are some another formats, what could be 
expanded in similar manner. Adobe Illustrator, for example. This is 
the way (in fact, one of possible) to make SVG graphic much more 
flexible and impressive.
Andrew Matseevsky, Kamchatka.

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