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On Thursday, January 27, 2005, 6:33:24 PM, Fred wrote:

FP> Would it be possible to:

FP> - Generate an XML Schema from the RNG specs

FP> - Generate a DTD from the RNG specs

Yes, it would be possible. The W3C XML Schema would be more permissive
than the RNG, and the DTD would probably hard-code the namespace
prefixes and be even less functional, but it would be possible.

FP> - It's nice to refer to other specs/attribute/class around as a shortcut,
FP> however; it easier to see that <flowDiv> have this "full list of attributes,
FP> events, css"
FP> then having to browse back and forth to figure out what I can do with it.

Try some XML Editors that understand RNG and give syntax directed
feedback. oXygen and ExchangerXML spring to mind.

FP> So, a bunch of examples EXPLICITELY using every possible attributes would be
FP> nice.

FP> - To create a 'fake' test suite like SVG 1.1, such that people like myself,
FP> who are more 'visual' than 'textual' can fully understand what is possible
FP> and what is not possible from the current specs !?

A test suite for SVG 1.2 is under development. When its released it
will have the SVG and a reference PNG side by side, as you mentioned.

FP> <svg>......<svg>

FP> [a frame with the <svg>]   [ png screenshot ]

FP> like that one:


FP> maybe with a different URL like this:


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