SVG examples and test suite

Would it be possible to:

- Generate an XML Schema from the RNG specs

- Generate a DTD from the RNG specs

- It's nice to refer to other specs/attribute/class around as a shortcut,
however; it easier to see that <flowDiv> have this "full list of attributes, 
events, css"
then having to browse back and forth to figure out what I can do with it.

So, a bunch of examples EXPLICITELY using every possible attributes would be 

- To create a 'fake' test suite like SVG 1.1, such that people like myself,
who are more 'visual' than 'textual' can fully understand what is possible
and what is not possible from the current specs !?


[a frame with the <svg>]   [ png screenshot ]

like that one:

maybe with a different URL like this:

Especially for new stuff like:

flowRoot, flowRegion, flowRegionExclude, flowDiv, flowPara, flowSpan,
flowRegionBreak, flowLine, flowTref, flowImage, flowRef,
sXBL, xa, veStrokePath, veSetback, veAffine, veReverse,
veJoin, veUnion, veIntersect, veExclude, veFill,
veStroke, veMarker, veMarkerPath, vePath, vePathRef,
clip-to-self, knock-out, comp-op, etc.

[There was a list somewhere in the archives, but I can't find it yet.]

I saw that some examples are available here...
and similar, but there's no PNG equivalent, text or documentation supporting 
If it exists let me know!


Received on Thursday, 27 January 2005 17:34:41 UTC