Re: sXBL: Unresolved Entities

So your comment was related *only* to nondeclared entities?


At 02:25 PM 1/16/2005 +0100, Bjoern Hoehrmann wrote:

>* Peter Sorotokin wrote:
> >I do not quite understand your point here, so let me try to clarify. Aren't
> >we simply bound by general XML rules (that entity reference is always
> >expanded when attribute value is obtained)? If entity reference is not
> >expanded by parser (or inserted dynamically through DOM), it is treated
> >simply as a text node.
>XML 1.0 considers it a violation of the rules of the XML Recommendation
>if an attribute value contains a reference to an entity for which no de-
>claration has been read and thus allows processors to process documents
>with such an error in any random way they choose. It is not clear which
>component in this scenario violates the rules of the Recommendation, or
>whether this newly introduced rule will stay, though. I am not aware of
>other "general XML rules" that sXBL currently requires, maybe you can
>cite the rules you mean and point out why you think these are currently
> >Perhaps there is something special about XBL that it must be clarified
> >[...]
>No, there is nothing special about sXBL here, but a number of formats
>do define processing in some of the relevant cases, e.g. XHTML 1.0,
>   If it encounters an entity reference (other than one of the entities
>   defined in this recommendation or in the XML recommendation) for which
>   the user agent has processed no declaration (which could happen if the
>   declaration is in the external subset which the user agent hasn't
>   read), the entity reference should be processed as the characters
>   (starting with the ampersand and ending with the semi-colon) that make
>   up the entity reference.
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