Re: SVG12: Locating animation targets

Hi Björn,

On 13 janv. 2005, at 16:27, Bjoern Hoehrmann wrote:

> according to section 3.6 of SVG 1.2 the animate element's target is the
> first my:p element. If the xlink:href attribute is removed, the target
> would be the last my:p element. This does not seem to make much sense,
> it seems that the xlink:href attribute is abused here and one needs to
> change the semantics of the custom fragment to change the behavior, 
> e.g.
> by using a different value for xlink:href or by removing the attribute
> alltogether.

The behavior described in section 3.6 is consistent with the animations 
work in SVG in general. Given that, I think it is important to match 
this functionality in sXBL integration within SVG with regards to 
custom animation elements.

> It further seems that implementations are not required to expose the
> animated value of attributes on custom elements, which means one cannot
> write script code that considers new animated values which means that
> animating attributes on custom elements would have little effect in
> practise.

In fact, implementations are required to expose animated values of 
attributes on custom elements via traits. There is a <traitDef/> 
element to specify the datatype of attributes on a custom element, a 
complete set of APIs to access the attributes, and trait mutation 
events to be notify of changes. In my opinion all the pieces are in 
place for providing custom animation facilities in SVG+sXBL.

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