Re: SVG12: Improper XHTML 1.0 documents

"Philippe Lhoste" <> wrote in message
> Chris Lilley wrote:
> > Actually, the hack of using a space before the trailing slash is only
> > needed when there are no attributes.

The requirements do not state this, whilst there are many problems with the 
guidelines, please either follow them, or raise issues against the 
specification and follow them anyway until the issue is fixed.

I think it's a bad idea to expect people to take W3c recommendations 
seriously if even other working groups aren't bothered enough to do so.

> I tested, and indeed the <img src="s"/> form is well supported while the 
> <br/> form isn't (ie. the tag is ignored).

FSVO well supported, there are a number user agents that create an attribute 
of name "/" for example.


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