Re: SVG12: Improper XHTML 1.0 documents

Chris Lilley wrote:
 > Actually, the hack of using a space before the trailing slash is only
 > needed when there are no attributes. Even the dumbest html 'parser'
 > doesn't think the element name includes a slash character if there are
 > attributes.

Interesting, I read in the past that the <br /> syntax was indeed made 
to be supported by old Netscape browsers (4.x), but I don't remember 
about this attribute thingy.

I tested, and indeed the <img src="s"/> form is well supported while the 
<br/> form isn't (ie. the tag is ignored).

Good to know.

Note I was amused to see numerous SVG files with a space before the 
trailing slashes, while I believe they are only required in XTHML, not 
in pure XML. Probably an old habit hard to discard.

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