SVGT 1.2: uDOM appendChild and insertChild conflict with DOM, Implementation Requirements

SVG Tiny 1.2 specifies the following exception for appendChild and  

DOMException INVALID_STATE_ERR: Raised if the newChild node would  
cause the
document to go into error.

This conflicts with DOM Level 3 Core, which does not allow this  

Furthermore, Section C.3 in Implementation Requirements says:

"A document can go in and out of error over time. For example,  
document changes from the SVG DOM or from
animation can cause a document to become in error and a further  
change can cause the document to become correct again."

It seems pointless to preclude this one particular way of  
programmatically putting a document into error, since the spec  
already says a document can go into error.

I recommend removing this exception.

I also recommend replacing the appendChild and insertChild  
definitions with verbatim quotations from or better yet a normative  
reference to DOM Level 3 Core.


Received on Tuesday, 27 December 2005 05:26:51 UTC