Structural GUI language for SVG?

I've been pestering a number of people regarding SVG and accessibility 
for a while now ~:"

What's becoming clear to me is that SVG is missing an agreed standard 
for describing GUI structure
such things as 'button' 'breadcrumb' 'navigation' 'style-control' 
could others add to this list? and comment?

If SVG is ever to be truly accessible this GUI structural language will 
be essential information.



Jim wrote: the SVG environment knows nothing about the users needs
Mark wrote: an architecture where the source documents are written in a 
device-agnostic way
Chaals wrote: there are simple ways of structuring text. One of the 
most obvious is to put anything beyond a label into HTML, using the 
foreignObject element.
darobin wrote: you could prolly get away with a well known rdf property 
or something like that
schepers wrote: there could be a structural language that is rendered 
in or accessible through SVG
delscreek wrote: please give us built-in support for common widgets

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Received on Monday, 27 September 2004 13:30:00 UTC