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[SVGT12 Comment] SVG Tiny review

From: by way of Al Gilman <schwer@us.ibm.com>
Date: Fri, 17 Sep 2004 14:43:15 -0400
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To: www-svg@w3.org

[a review contributed on behalf of the WAI Protocols  and Formats 
Working Group, but not
reviewed or consensed there.  Forwarded for timely arrival.  - Al]

I am commenting on this but it is important to realize that this is a 
profile for SVG 1.2 which is only in Working Draft.

There are some problems that affect accessibility

1. <desc> is absent. This needs to be put back.
2. <title> is absent. This needs to be put back.

3. How are they addressing closed captioning for video?
Where is support for SMIL?

4. Where do the specify animation control?

5. Support for text access
Why is tref not available for <text>

6. <g> is absent. This needs to be put back. This is used as a means 
of defining structure and corresponding text equivalents.

7. Where is XForms support? Is this expected as an add on? XForms has 
a lot of accessibility features through declarative markup.

8. Support for meta information

I believe the group should be considering the meta module (for which 
we are adding role) as a module to both SVG 1.2 Tiny and SVG 1.2.

They should also read:


Rich Schwerdtfeger
STSM, Software Group Accessibility Strategist/Master Inventor
Emerging Internet Technologies
Chair, IBM Accessibility Architecture Review Board
schwer@us.ibm.com, Phone: 512-838-4593,T/L: 678-4593

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