Re: Demo app and SVG 1.2 comments

"Philippe Lhoste" <> wrote in message
> Kevin Hughes wrote:
> >     Hello, everyone. I've made a small demonstration application, an SVG
> > color picker, which is my first foray into the world of SVG. You can
> > view it here:
> >
> >
> Wow, this is quite impressive, definitively not your average "Hello 
> World!" application!...

I'm getting script errors in IE - safari may be swallowing these, I've heard 
reports of the plugin on the mac doing so.

> > I can't get flattened submenus in the context (right-click) menu.
> > The cursor style is not recognized.
> > Background transparency doesn't work on Macs.
> Implementation issues.

Well the first about the context menu is a request for a feature, as that's 
not an SVG feature at all.

> > Would be nice to use PHP instead of JS (via Parrot?).
> And Lua! And other people will want Python, Ruby, Perl, VBScript...
> Basically a nice idea, but in practice quite a mess, as you would need a 
> specific viewer to see a given SVG...
> Note that one could imagine a viewer with pluggable language, but still 
> messy: "to see my SVG, download this language extension"...

Internet explorer has a pluggable language, (I don't know of a php, but perl 
python and more), everyone uses javascript, not because it's better, but 
because it's ubiquitous.

> > It would be nice to get the color at a particular point.
> Already discutted recently on this very list.
> I can't remember the conclusion, if any...

It was in the last draft for raster images, I doubt there'll be a procedure 
defined for defining a point and coluor for a vector image (vector images 
don't have points, so therefore there's not a single colour)  I agree that's 
a shame, but...


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