Re: SVG 1.2 - 3.2.1 editable

Chris Lilley:
> What you are asking for is a sort of immediate mode graphics where
> script makes changes to the result of the animation. We then have to
> say how long that value persists if there is an animation running as
> well.

I would think that it if some animation is also causing updates for that
property, then setting it manually in script wouldn't cause any change.
(Is this how override stylesheets work for animating CSS?)

> CM> While there is a way to make reversible changes to any CSS properties by
> CM> modifying the override stylesheet, there's no parallel for attribute-only
> CM> properties.
> Well there is, but you have to store the old value yourself.

Hmm, ok.

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Received on Monday, 22 March 2004 07:40:56 UTC