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Re: Intersection Points

From: Kevin Lindsey <kevin@kevlindev.com>
Date: Mon, 15 Mar 2004 09:45:19 -0600
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> The fact that Kevin has done it with reasonably good performance  
> pre-SVG 1.2 makes me think that there's no true urge for having this in  
> SVG 1.2.

Just to clarify, I wouldn't say that my JS intersection algorithms have good performance.  The examples on my site find anywhere from 0 to 9 intersection points.  A more realistic example would undoubtably result in many more intersections.  And besides that, the code is not robust and is even broken in parts.  This is all to say that once/if that code performs correctly, the performance will be far from good.

Based on Peter's response and the fact that one cannot find a Bézier path parallel to another, I'm guessing vector Effects actually work with polygons and not Bézier's and other path sub-commands.  So, perhaps finding intersections of "contours" would result in new functionality being introduced into the viewer.  It would still be a very welcome addition.

Kevin Lindsey
KevLinDev - http://www.kevlindev.com
SVG Consulting
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