Re: Intersection Points

Hey Doug,

On 15 mars 04, at 08:23, Doug Schepers wrote:

> I feel strongly that having some degree of this functionality is  
> better than
> having none at all, and I think that this is something that would be  
> easy to
> do in a simple form. These are things that Flash has in its toolkit,  
> and I'd
> like to see them in SVG.

What do you mean by "Flash has it in its toolkit"? Do you mean it's  
part of the ActionScript API [0]? If so, I couldn't find the method for  
it. Are you sure it's in there, or rather on a commercial component or  
in the authoring tool itself.

The fact that Kevin has done it with reasonably good performance  
pre-SVG 1.2 makes me think that there's no true urge for having this in  
SVG 1.2.


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