one remark about SVG

I think, the perfect vector format must support any gradient filling, not only linear and radial. Such restrictions make SVG less flexible, than it could be. When one wants to paint something, using strictly limited set of tools, he needs to compensate absent tools in some left-handed way. It means, in this case, creation additional contours, which aren't a must. There are at least two potentially useful methods for 2-D interpolation, which are never used in gradient filling. Look at WinAPI's procedure GradientFill(). It requires a mesh of triangles as one of its arguments, but this fact means only, that boys from Microsoft know math not very well. There is a way to realize gradient filling without meshes at all. One the other hand, to enclose every area, which is to be paint, isn't a must too. There is a way to use open contours and therefore don't create contours, except existing in an image. I think, sooner or later, such potentially useful options will be included in some vector format. There is only on question- who will be the first.  

Received on Sunday, 7 March 2004 15:28:35 UTC