Re: Profiles in SVG 1.2

Jim Ley wrote:
> I welcome profiling, but would still like to see an
> application/svg+xml - I don't make SVG images, I make SVG
> applications, and I'd like to ensure they end up with a viewer capable
> of rendering them.

If I read what you're saying correctly you'd like to have a way to tell 
more or less the intent of an SVG document (application-orientated or 
image-orientated) based on the mime type? There's overhead in that 
(defining new file extensions, updating servers, etc), and even more 
about defining proper profiles in the spec (as opposed to defining them 
in the Shiny Donkey Consortium) instead of just advertising feature 
strings (and thus indirectly conformance levels). Doing such work would 
require a solid set of use cases. As nice as it is, I'm not entirely 
buying the multiple SVG viewers with different capabilities one.

 > Alternatively I'd like to see RCC
 > etc. reformulated so it will simply degrade to valid static content
 > showing the same information in SVG 1.1 user agents - at the moment
 > that degrade path is onerous.

That is certainly a worthy goal, but do you have a plan for that?

Robin Berjon

Received on Tuesday, 2 March 2004 08:38:20 UTC