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Re: [svg-developers] Re: Thoughts on SVG 1.2

From: Denis Bohm <denis@fireflydesign.com>
Date: Mon, 1 Mar 2004 10:32:35 -0800
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Subject: [svg-developers] Re: Thoughts on SVG 1.2
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> > Ideally add Java or C# as a valid script language and the API
> isn't
> > needed.
> Java is a valid language already and C# basically can be easily
> added. It does not mean you have all the APIs, though.

The main limitation that I see with the current way language support is
specified in SVG is that it only specifies the required interfaces IF the
SVG runtime has built-in support for that language.  The end result is that
any non-required language can not be used in practice unless it is supported
by the vast majority of SVG runtimes that end-users will have.  For example,
let's say that Adobe SVG Viewer is used by 75% of users and it only supports
EcmaScript - so much for using Java, C#, ...

I think it would be very useful if the SVG specification could also require
(or at least suggest) an SVG runtime to dynamically discover and install
whatever language support is used by scripts in a standard manner.  That way
if an SVG application needs to use a certain language or libray for some
reason they can.  And hopefully it would mean that there isn't much need to
keep reinventing libraries that already exist in various languages
(networking, file system access, security, etc).

Denis Bohm
Firefly Design
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