RE: Relative positioning

Cool. Thanks Jan,

That's a good example of doing it in script. I wasn't sure it was entirely
possible. Looks like you made nice work. Although as you say; the xpath
expressions get in the way.

Ideally for me it would be built-in and not a script based approach.
Cameron's extension is great, but I'd like to be somewhat UA agnostic (at
least have the ActiveX:ASV6 and Applet:Batik choice.) I've also found (at
least in my dhtml work) that at a certain critical mass script performance
drops off in many cases; and code maintenance is a headache. But, I suppose
if the svg spec ends up without something like csvg then script would be the
way to go.

And thanks for the introduction to csvg Cameron and Jan, seems pretty ideal.

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> Hi,
> I have played around with constraints a while ago and tried to make an
> "SVG-only" impl, as much as this is possible.
> My example works in Batik and ASV6. It is just a demo and does not
> compare at all to the ability of  Cameron's.
> (The code is documented)
> The constraint definition is a bit different form Cameron's. I use
> namespaced attribs in the elements:
> <rect ... c:y="id('someOtherRect')/@width - 10"
> c:x="id('someRect')/@width + 10"/>
> So basically one specifies the attributes that are suposed be constraint
> by just adding an attrib with the same name but in constrain namespace.
> I would like to actually just have the XPath expression in the regular
> attributes, but that would break backwards compatibility with current
> SVG impl.
> Jan

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