Re: Keystone Application Framework implementing SVG graphics

Robin Berjon wrote:

> Jacob Lister wrote:
>> "Keystone is a cross-platform, object oriented application framework 
>> which allows applications to be written to build on the target 
>> platforms of GNU/Linux and Win32 without modification of their 
>> source. Keystone implements several modern Web standards, including 
>> SVG graphics and the XUL user interface description language."
> Hey that's very cool! I've had trouble finding documentation on what 
> it really support from SVG though (which profile, which version, is it 
> complete?). I could only find this:

SVG Tiny would be most accurate, and the implementation of this is
fairly complete (raster images being the only real hole).  SVG of course
provides extensive scope for growth, so as time passes hopefully my
implementation will become more complete.  I've worked from the SVG 1.1
spec (

> Which has this interesting snippet: "The Keystone framework extends 
> SVG to allow it to be uses easily to create user interface for 
> applications. In particular, these extentions cover binding SVG 
> animations to application data using XPath syntax".
> Now that sounds extremely cool. But where are the demos, where is the 
> documented support? Are there results from the test suite? I see the 
> applications examples use SVG, but I can't find much info. Does one 
> just have to grab it and test for oneself?

Prebuilt binaries of some demos at

Framework API documentation (DOxygen generated, fairly early stage) at :

Also I have an entry on Gerald Bauer's XUL Challenge, with an XML source
snippit showing animation data bindings, see

> Would you consider the implementation sufficiently advanced that the 
> WG should include it in its test matrix?

Now that's an interesting question.  I have worked from the SVG
conformance suit when implementing (particually to get SVG animation
right), but havn't yet attempted to render every example in the suit.
I'll do some investigation on this and see how feasible this would be
(There is a basic SVG image viewer in the framework application
downloads section which would be suitable for this purpose)

> Also, any hope of seeing this on OSX? :)
I've no immediate plans to do this, but I think it would be quite
achievable.  The most critical dependency is the graphics rendering
backend.  The framework uses GTK for this under Linux, there is the
GTK+OSX project which looks like a promising port


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