Re: Keystone Application Framework implementing SVG graphics

Jacob Lister wrote:
>> "Keystone is a cross-platform, object oriented application framework 
>> which allows applications to be written to build on the target platforms 
>> of GNU/Linux and Win32 without modification of their source. Keystone 
>> implements several modern Web standards, including SVG graphics and the 
>> XUL user interface description language."

>Would you consider the implementation sufficiently advanced that the WG should include it in 
>its test matrix?

I've done some investigation into this.  Yes, the framework could render enough of the 
test suite to make it's inclusion worthwhile.  At present, I need to massage the test 
suite SVG files a little before they will load at all, but I could easily get my implementation up 
to scratch to load and render the SVG test suite files and would be keen to do so.

A few questions -
  * My implementation is a standalone application, and not a HTML browser plugin.  Therefore it's a little difficult to 
evaluate the side by side example style of the test suite harness.  Any problem here?
  * How would I go about making a submission?


Received on Thursday, 22 July 2004 06:15:34 UTC