Re: The 'hanlder' element

Hi James.

James Bentley:
> Would it be possible for a 'handler' to contain
> and/or reference SVG content? The 'handler'
> can specify a type of 'image/svg'. The contents
> of the 'handler' would not be rendered until
> the event, to which it is bound, occurs.

I think that this could be done without changing the handler element,
just by using SMIL to set the display property of a g element on the
event you are interested in, for example:

  <g display="none">
    <!-- stuff to display on rect click -->
    <set begin="" attributeName="display" to="inline"/>
  <rect id="r" width="10" height="10"/>


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Received on Friday, 16 July 2004 22:31:44 UTC