Re: Does SVG 1.0 define this?

On Mon 14 Jun 2004, Ian Hickson wrote:

> If a UA finds XLink attributes on an SVG-namespaced element and those
> attributes are not allowed per the SVG DTD, should the UA consider the
> element to be in error or not? If not, should the UA just ignore the
> attributes, or should it attempt to apply XLink semantics to the element?

This kindof shows why xlink isn't very useful in SVG. Every
case where we use xlink:href has the other xlink attributes
hardcoded, and it rarely makes sense to change them (maybe
<a> is the best example). If we had time machines, I'd be
arguing against using xlink.

You propose three choices:

1. element in error
2. ignore
3. apply xlink

I'm against 2. I'm not sure which of 3 or 1 is better, but
both have problems. Especially on Mobile which won't have
an xlink processor and usually is unable to test for 
incorrect unknown attributes (so can't do 1 either).

Maybe 2 is better.

What do you suggest?

Received on Tuesday, 13 July 2004 20:09:20 UTC