Re: Grid In 1.2?


i particularly like  and 
you'll immediately realise that it is tightly related to the work I do.

It's kind of text labelling from the other end of the telescope.
we abandoned text labelling precisely because at large font sizes it 
doesn't work
similarly tooltips cover too much area when the font is large.
We stuck at using a large font size, 36 or 48pt something like that in 
a discrete area, which has its problems.

Zooming is an alternative, but hardly a solution. Users may be more 
adept at recognising images or text, but its relatively unlikely that 
they are identically disabled in both.

You wont be surprised that I can't offer a solution immediately.
I have had a go at something similar in html, without a lot of fun, and 
am not greatly tempted to try in SVG

compromise is bound to be required, where font size is small, one could 
expect the whitespace to increase.
This is frequently the case in printed media.

my guess would be that each word was centred in its own box, and that 
this box is related to the graphics location which is centred in a 
similar box.

you'll probably be aware that there are also 2 schools of thought: text 
below and text above.

best wishes


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