RE: Grid In 1.2?

I agree. Please omit editable text forms from the specification.
This introduces ambiguity to the design of UI's when using multiple
mark up languages. 

Might I suggest a new profile for GUI elements - or simply keep them
in a mark up language designed to address GUI development.

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Instead of reinventing the wheel, why not just use XHTML/CSS tables? 
(Use the CSS properties if you don't want to buy into XHTML syntax.) Or 
if you push out to 1.3, you could cooperate with the CSS support for 
XUL-style box layout that is being developed.* This is explicitly to 
enable UI-friendly layouts, and we have a lot of experience with it in 


The wishes expressed in this thread confirm my suspicion that having 
opened the door to flowing text, it's inevitable that you'll eventually 
want to copy most XHTML features into SVG. Please please please just go 
with XHTML now.


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