Re: Grid In 1.2?

"Ian Hickson" <> wrote in message
> Wouldn't putting that kind of content in SVG be equivalent to putting it
> in XSL:FO, or PDF? I would have thought that kind of markup would be much
> more appropriate in a semantic markup language rather than a
> presentational language.

Yet you then suggest a solution that uses a presentational language 
(display: table-cell etc.)  so I'm not exactly sure what the objection you 
have is?   Yes the example was perhaps poorly chosen in that it was much 
more appropriate in HTML - but lets use an example of SVG graphics 
representing Bliss symbols and it becomes much clearer why it's appropriate 
to have in SVG.

> This altogether seems significantly better overall than the version you
> proposed, which is extremely reminiscent of the whole content-tables-
> used-for-layout nonsense that I thought we were trying to get away from:

That would be in semantic languages, SVG is a rendering language so markup 
for layout is entirely appropriate, just like it's appropriate in SVG - but 
with CSS being only optional for SVG user agents, we can't rely on it.


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