Re: Comments on SVG 1.2 from a Gecko developer

Robert O'Callahan wrote:
> The intent would be to modularize them and make them eventually 
> separable from the SVG WG --- *eventually*.
> Maybe you guys don't realize this, but there's a serious guffaw factor 
> when outsiders read through the SVG spec and find the "Scalable Vector 
> Graphics" group developing networking APIs. I understand the need for 
> you to do this, but clearly marking such APIs as destined for another 
> forum would help fix that perception and add to your credibility.

We are acutely aware of this, both from internal discussion and through 
external feedback. There have been many suggestions to address this over 
time, but not satisfactorily. The SVG WG has been extremely active in 
clamouring for the creation of a WebApps WG for precisely those reasons. 
We'd love to keep doing it ourselves, it's even in our charter even if 
it's not obvious from the name (but one shouldn't put too much into a 
name), but at some point it's better to play with those of the others 
that are open to playing ;)

I believe the current thinking is to have a chapter in SVG 1.2 dedicated 
to "Application Oriented APIs", flagging those features as specific for 
that usage of SVG.

Robin Berjon

Received on Thursday, 8 July 2004 09:25:47 UTC