World of flags in SVG

Hi SVG people,
We have been doing a SVG flag drive in the GNOME and Sodipodi community
for the last few days. We now have around 130 flags in our collection,
but more are still trickling inn. The flags are contributed under under
the Creative Commons Public Domain dedication (
so everyone are free to use them as they please.

I just thought that you guys would be happy to know that there is now a
rather large collection of high quality flags for free use available at:

We will also be making a tarball/zipfile containing these flags for easy

Our hope is that this can become a good resource for people writing
schoolpapers, newspapers, websites and so on.

Of course if people here want to contribute more flags that would be
great. Details for doing so can be found here:

Christian Schaller and Bryce Harrington

Received on Wednesday, 29 October 2003 14:12:36 UTC