Re: [SVG 1.2] Other notes.

"Robin Berjon" <> wrote in message
> > <copyright>  Some message to be displayed when viewing source...
> > </copyright>
> >
> > Is much simpler to implement and achieves the same as the RDF, we can
> > encourage authors to include the RDF version, but...
> What part of pasting some RDF in there represents too much effort? The
> UA needs do not nothing about it, the author can just grab it off
> Creative Commons and copy it into her document.

Well there's a few problems, one is that creative commons is AIUI  generally
only applicaple to US law, and is currently being translated into the
copyright ideas of other countries, so there are problems with CC itself,
but the problem is that the spec suggests that a UA could include the
information before view-source, users will expect this, just like we've had
to deal with lots of people wondering about why they don't get a tooltip
from title after the previous specs suggested it.    I don't want the spec
suggesting something that has significant implementation cost for no-ones

All in all, clarifying that RDF can be used to signify metadata like
copyright licences etc. is good, but maybe in implementation notes and not
the spec.


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