Re: [SVG1.2] implementing XSLT

On Tue 2003-11-25 Robin Berjon wrote:
> [...]
> Well feel free to try it then :) Or at least try the thought
> experiment. Look at how an XSLT processor works, at vaguely the
> things you need to get it to work. Now imagine the same thing with
> incremental transformation. Not even xsl:value-of remains the same.
> Your XPath library has to change in non-negligible ways.


> Actually I'm trying to think of a single XSLT construct that doesn't
> need to be very heavily changed and can't find one. Sure, you might
> be able to reuse little bits of code here and there,

Yes, many parts of XPath might be reusable. Executing a simple XPath
against a given tree would probably work quite similiarly, no?

> but honestly you'll probably spend more time looking for them than
> you would reimplementing them.

I don't think this type of vague speculation (on both sides :) brings
us any further, so let's see what implementers will actually say and



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