I'm having a little problem, let's say you have:



function down(evt)
    var rect = evt.target;
    var shadowTree = ??? // How to obtain this without calling parentNode


  <rect onmousedown="down(evt)" />


I'm thinking, maybe

SVGShadowElement : Element

should be defined as

SVGShadowElement : Document


then you could use var shadowTree = rect.ownerDocument

and the adobe extension getElementById on the shadow element wouldn't be
needed since that's on the document interface. Also RCC code will look a lot
more like 'normal' code. Consider the above

function down(evt)
    var rect = evt.target;
    var document = rect.ownerDocument

would work regardless of if we're in rcc or outside one.

What do you think?

Sigurd Lerstad

Received on Monday, 24 November 2003 07:09:42 UTC