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>> AIUI a sort of child, it's not really there at all remember...
> What does AIUI mean?

As I Understand It, meaning take everything I wrote with a piece of salt,
it's just what I believe, basically it's me trying to qualify my statement
even less than the normal jibberish you'd expect from me.

> Good point, but this would mean that for anything to ever get rendered it
> must be as if the shadow tree element was there instead of the custom
> element.

Not necessarily, I don't think you should think too much about child/parent
relationships, the custom element cannot be rendered, there's nothing to
render - CSS styling has already been indicated is still an open issue, so
we don't know about that.

>>> <MyNamespace:DropShadow id="drop_shadow".....>
>>> <ellipse filter="url(#drop_shadow)" />
> Why do you think that? Basically, when the SVG UA searches for an element
> with id drop_shadow, it finds the custom element,

No it doesn't, your custom element's id="drop_shadow" isn't an ID in XML
terms (unless you've included the DTD etc. to make it so) so an SVG UA would
not find it like that, you'd need to use XPath or similar to get at the
element.  That's the XML architectural problem.  I have no problem with you
being able to use and define filters in that way, that's useful, and XPath
is mentioned for SVG 1.2 so it could be done, or we have a proper revolution
and sort out  xml:id  and the SVG WG are taking on all sorts of other stuff
so go for it!

> I've come up
> with a few more requirements for RCC, which are that RCC components should
> be able to fire custom events,

I don't think anyone is suggesting otherwise, in fact most RCC components
I've seen involving firing events, we need Namespace aware events (which is
why XML events are useless currently) but otherwise there's no problem here.

> have custom properties (no, I'm not talking
> about attributes) and methods.

So what sort of attributes do you mean?

> And a definite YES to be able to attach components (or behaviors in htc
> terminology) on custom elements through css styling.

I'm not keen on using CSS for this, I don't think CSS is at the right level,
we need something less optional by definition,  an SVG container allowing
you to say style this file with RCC definitions in this other file would be
better.  CSS is too optional IMO.


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