re: undo

Hi Bernhard and all!

Same problem for me, same kind of apps tought.

With the "editable" feature of SVG 1.2, I think it should be feasible to add 
something like:

text.history( int position );

a bit like web browsers history( -1 ) functions

text = text.history( -2 )  : undo twice - like ^Z ^Z
text = text.history( -1 )  : undo like ^Y
text = text.history( 1 )   : redo  like ^Y
text = text.history( 2 )   : redo twice like ^Y ^Y

This could be applied not only to "letters" but also to style like bold, 
italic, colors, etc.
In fact, this kind of thing could be applied to any modifiable SVG DOM 

Another problem with SVG and ASV3/6 is that <text> fields memory
is quite limited, i.e. someone cannot hope to load a <text> field
with more than 10,000 lines of text.

Sincerely yours,

>There is one thing I miss in the new 13 November 2003 WD.
>I want to make  "big" SVG-Applications that looks like:
>(open, save dialog works well (with ASV3.0) - forget the rest)
>It is only a "test" application and I tried to know where to limits of SVG 
>There is one thing I could not find a solution for.
>How to make "UNDO"?
>With javascript/dom I couldn't find a solution.
>I did version management ("version" in the left bottom corner) but
>that's a server/client connection -> it's not a solution.
>It is possible to make a copy of the whole document <g 
>visiblility="hidden"> after every manipulation the user makes to the 
>document - but I think
>there must be a better solution ...

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Received on Sunday, 16 November 2003 01:47:50 UTC