Hi all

There is one thing I miss in the new 13 November 2003 WD.

I want to make  "big" SVG-Applications that looks like:
(open, save dialog works well (with ASV3.0) - forget the rest)

It is only a "test" application and I tried to know where to
limits of SVG are.

There is one thing I could not find a solution for.

How to make "UNDO"?
With javascript/dom I couldn't find a solution.
I did version management ("version" in the left bottom corner) but
that's a server/client connection -> it's not a solution.

It is possible to make a copy of the whole document <g visiblility="hidden"> 
after every manipulation the user makes to the document - but I think
there must be a better solution ...

Bernhard Zwischenbrugger

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