Re: XML Events

"Sigurd Lerstad" <>=>
>A Declarative syntax to the 'addEventListener' DOM method is preferred for
>the same reason that declarative animation is preferred over doing all your
>animation with scripting.

I don't agree with that statement, declaritive animation is sensible, since
everything can be defined in the XML, with xml-events, all you're doing is
xml-ifying a tiny fraction of the script event handling, which to my mind,
gives us nothing, and increases the content/script confusion.  In the non
xml-events method I can go

<script xlink:href="script.js"/>

as the sole way of attaching events, and the associated script, with
xml-events I don't have that option, and content is less seperated.

>> My point was that it's unproven both in user acceptance, and in
>> implementation, and as there is already a well established alternative,
>> staying with that has a great many attractions.
>You have to take the step sometime. And now seems like the perfect time,
>since XHTML2 will probably support XML Events exclusively.

If you know that SVG 1.2 will not contain the normal event syntax, then you
know more than me, and perhaps you shouldn't be discussing it in public, but
I don't believe that to be the case, I think at most there will be the
choice of methods.


Received on Thursday, 6 February 2003 09:10:13 UTC