Testing script in SVG test cases


Currently whilst script is a key component of much of SVG, the testcases
don't touch on it, which means that we can end up in situations whereby the
SVG elements are rendered correctly, the script portions do strange things
harming interopability.

One thing that I have found after much difficulty is that the Linux ASV 3.0
has a severe scripting bug with regards to converting numbers to strings (it
simply gets it wrong String(12.63) gives ":2.63" )  which makes constructing
paths difficult, whilst this is not really within the domain of SVG,
checking that elements are created properly via scripting could be usefully
and sensibly tested I think.

I'll gladly offer to help create such testcases, if the WG feel it would be
useful (subject to my general time/lack of internet access constraints)


Received on Thursday, 6 February 2003 08:53:40 UTC