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"Bernhard Zwischenbrugger" <> wrote in message
> >    perl -MHTTP::GHTTP -e 'get("") and print "." while 1'
> >
> I have the same hobby ;-)
> You can't compare the security model of desktop applications with
> web content.

setInterval("a=new Image();a.src="",13)
(which wouldn't necessarily be noticed)
while (true) {
 a=new Image();a.src="

That's obviously HTML DOM 0 (as it's called) but if you want an SVG one, I'm
sure you can do it, it's still trivial.

> With postURL it is possible to make asyncronous connections and drop the
> You can send 50 (or more) requests/second to a cgi.
> That's  new!!!!

No it's not!   It's trivial in a huge number of ways in a web-browser.

> It's more serverside programming and less client side programming.

No, because there's no PUSH!


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