Re: SVG 1.2 WD - Format of the specification

On Wednesday, April 30, 2003, 9:55:03 AM, AndrewWatt2001 wrote:

Aac> In the 29th April SVG 1.2 WD feedback was sought on the format of the 
Aac> specification.

Aac> I find two formats additional to the normative XHTML format very useful.

Aac> 1. A PDF of the whole spec.

Yes. We have provided that in the past, made using Acrobat webcapture.
Its not an ideal method. We are looking at better methods of producing
a PDF version.

Aac> A well-presented PDF makes the reader's task significantly easier
Aac> when faced with a huge spec, such as SVG.

Yes, although perhaps we should also produce a frameset version of the
spec to give a nav panel in the HTML as well.

Aac> 2. A zipped file of linked XHTML Chapters. When that is available for a 
Aac> specification it can be very useful to have certain chapters open in 
Aac> different Mozilla tabs and then switch from one piece of text to another by 
Aac> switching tabs rather than scrolling or otherwise navigating. When you want 
Aac> to see exactly what is said in two or three places to try to put a concept 
Aac> together that is an approach that I have found very helpful.

We generally do that when there are multiple files. In this draft, its
all one file; that will change once the rest of SVG 1.1 gets added.

For now, we thought it was easier to evaluate the ew functionality by
presenting it separately, so people can find it easily. As it matures,
SVG 1.2 will describe the whole language and will have separate
chapters in the normal way.

Aac> With three formats - the single XHTML file, a good PDF and a
Aac> zipped file of linked XHTML chapters I think a reader has options
Aac> to solve several information assimilation / collation tasks. If
Aac> the SVG 1.2 specification is made available in all three formats
Aac> that, I think, will help readers. And that's the aim, isn't it?
Aac> :)


Aac> BTW the WD mentions normative "HTML". The WD is in XHTML 1.0.

The term HTML covers both XHTML and the older allegedly SGML variety.


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