Re: Importing am SVG image from within an SVG

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> I'm trying to put an svg image into an svg.
> How can I do this? With the <image> it doesn't work.
> I used:
> <image x="69.38174" y="367.09085" 
> xmlns:xlink=""
> xlink:href="test.svg" width="216.0" height="108.0" />
> Can anybody help?
> Thanks
> Adrian


Assuming that the default namespace was the SVG namespace and assuming that 
test.svg was in the same directory as the importing SVG I would have expected 
the above to work.

I pasted your code into an skeleton file and it worked correctly.

I suggest you post your code (or email me off list) so that I or someone else 
can cast an eye over the code.

Andrew Watt

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