Re: What does viewBox really do?

At 12:35 PM 6/23/2002 -0500, J. David Eisenberg wrote:
>Now let's look at the first line. Since the viewport width is 4 cm, you
>would figure that the line would go only one fourth the way across the
>rectangle, but it doesn't.
>That's because the viewport has already been established, and, according
>to the spec, the "1cm" is going to be translated to user units. One
>centimeter, given my screen resolution, is 37.8 user units. !!But these
>user units are now presumed to be in terms of the viewBox!!, and 37.8 out
>of 80 units is about halfway across, which is exactly what you see.

Is it just me, or does this tortured meaning of cm, inches, etc. depending
on where one uses them just begging for confusion?  I can't imagine any
scenario where the above mode of operation is more desired/intuitive than
simply making 1cm mean the same in both a <line> and an <svg> tag.

Oh great STD writer gods, what is the rationale behind this interpretation?

Received on Sunday, 23 June 2002 14:18:31 UTC