Re: What does viewBox really do?

Argh. Write in haste, repent at leisure. I can't tell the difference 
between horizontal and vertical, it would seem. Last two paragraphs should 
read as follows:

Now let's look at the first <line>. Since the viewport width
is 4 cm, you would figure that the line would go only one
fourth the way across the rectangle, but it doesn't.

That's because the viewport has already been established,
and, according to the spec, the "1cm" is going to be
translated to user units. One centimeter, 
given my screen resolution, is 37.8 user units. But these
user units are now being affected by the viewBox, and
37.8 out of _64_ units is _slightly more than_ halfway across, which is
exactly what you see.  This is confirmed by the
second <line>.

J. David Eisenberg

Received on Sunday, 23 June 2002 14:05:05 UTC