Re: The 'image/svg+xml' Media Type

On Tuesday, June 18, 2002, 12:25:04 AM, Jim wrote:

JL> "Dave Hodder" <>
>>    Security considerations:
>>       (The same as application/xml.)

JL> Given that conformant dynamic SVG applications must implement ECMAScript
JL> that being the same is not IMO sufficient.

Yes, correct. They can also implement any other scripting or
programming language with dom access.

>> I'd be interested to know whether the W3C has any intention of
>> submitting an Internet-Draft for this media type in the near future;

JL> I'd be interested to know why the WG has not already submitted one, we're
JL> stuck in a situation where on pragmatic grounds we have little choice but
JL> to have image/svg+xml if we're not going to break existing
JL> implementations.

The mime type was defined in the SVG 1.0 Rec. Go ahead and use it.
Thats not (just) pragmatism, its standards compliance.

The necessary paperwork for IANA/IETF is in process, but has a number
of dependencies including new procedures for registration of W3C media
types with IANA, currently being put into place; the security section
as you mentioned, and the charset requirements of application/xml
which mandate breakage and needs to be fixed.

JL> The SVG Working groups ease of inventing mime-types is something to worry
JL> about.

A 'because' would have been good in that sentence.


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